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In 1973 Athos Dikaios along with Theo David was the founding partner of David + Dikaios Associates (DDA) in Nicosia. 12 years later in 1985 after a vast experience in many projects, the office has evolved to Athos Dikaios + Associates beginning a legacy that would establish it as one of the better known firms of Architectural Design in Cyprus. Since 1973 Athos Dikaios + Associates has designed many Architectural projects including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Tourism, Preservation, Renovation and Government. The office has also been involved in national as well as international Architectural Competitions winning many awards and honours. Athos Dikaios + Associates is comprised of young and experienced architects, designers and draughtsmen with a rich portfolio of projects that cover the past years since the founding date of the office. Athos Dikaios + Associates is always trying to use Architectural Design as a learning tool through experimentation,always working with the motto “beyond the ordinary”. The office environment is very creative through hands on model-making, sketching and drafting. The most important aspect of this environment is the creative dialogue through the participation of the members of the office but also with associates, bringing fresh ideas and views in combination with vast experience in order to create ground breaking Architectural ideas.
Athos Dikaios - B.A (Hons) Arch. RIBA - Principal

Upon graduating from the University of Manchester in 1966, Athos Dikaios, gained experience in major Architectural offices in the private and public sector. He commenced his professional career at S.G. Besant Roberts, City Architects, Manchester, C.B. Pearson Son & Partners, Manchester and J&A Filippou in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In 1973 he was a founding partner of David & Dikaios Associates (DDA) in Nicosia, subsequently forming, Athos Dikaios & Associates, in 1985. Athos Dikaios has given lectures at the Higher Technical Institute and the American Centre in Nicosia and the Pratt Institute of New York. His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in several magazines and publications. Some of his most notable works are the Universal Life Tower, the Bank of Cyprus Sporting Club and Educational Center and the Hellenic Bank HQ. 

Alkis Dikaios - B. Fine Arts / B. Arch. / M. Arch - Partner


Alkis Dikaios graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003 after completing the five-year course in Architecture. Parallel to his architectural studies he attended other majors such as Interior Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Film. At the end of the five-year course he was awarded the degrees of Bachelor of Architecture and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. After a 4 year work experience in Cyprus he attended a Masters Degree Program in Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association and the renowned Design Research Laboratory (DRL) in London graduating in 2009. Alkis is currently a Partner at Athos Dikaios + Associates Architects and since 2003, through his involvement in many projects, has helped the office receive numerous awards and distinctions. In 2007 he was selected by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture along with 4 other Cypriot artists to represent Cyprus in the 13th Biennale for Young Artists with his work “The Silent Blacksmith’s Street”. Since 2009 he has been involved in academia as a visiting lecturer at the Architecture Departments of the University of Cyprus the University of Nicosia and Frederick University. In 2022 he was elected as the president of the Cyprus Architects Association.


Stella Evelthontos - B. Arch. / M. Arch - Associate Architect


Stella graduated from the University of Brighton in 2014, where she completed both her BA (Hons) and Masters Degree in Architecture. During her university years Stella researched the juxtaposition of the physical and conceptual boundaries of space, mainly around the issue of segregation of the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.
Studying on the side of Katrin Bohn and Andre Viljoen, researchers of the CPUL (Continues Productive Urban Landscape) into the urban fabric, Stella showed great interest in the field of sustainable architecture and urban design. Participating in the Erasmus Workshop ‘City Greening’ in Turin, Italy, she has worked on a group project with international professionals on the subject and also exhibited her work at the Polytechnic University of Turin. Stella has been at Athos Dikaios and Associates  Architects since 2014 being involved in many projects, participating simultaneously in local seminars and architectural competitions.


Anna Michael-Demetriou - Architectural Technologist

Graduating from the Technical School in Nicosia, Anna has been employed at Athos Dikaios + Associates Architects since 1995. With a vast experience in the field of Architecture through her involvement in a large range of types of projects, Anna offers a valuable knowledge of the technical aspect of design and construction detail. One of the most notable projects that Anna has been involved with and has greatly contributed to its successful design is the Frou-Frou Factory, Offices and Distribution Center between 1996 - 2007. 


Anastasia Psoma - B.Arch - Senior Architect

Anastasia received her bachelor’s degree in Architecture with excellence from the University of Cyprus in 2019. She studied at the University La Sapienza, of Rome for one semester in 2018 as a student of the Erasmus exchange program. During her studies, she participated in various architectural workshops organized by the University of Cyprus, Cyprus Architects Association and EPUM(Emerging Perspectives on Urban Morphology).

To complete the five-year course in Architecture she is currently working on her diploma in Architecture Engineering, graduating in 2020 from the University of Cyprus. Parallel to her diploma thesis project she has been employed as an intern architect at Athos Dikaios + Associates Architects since November of 2019.

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Katerina Nicoletti - B.Sc M. Arch -  Architect

Katerina graduated from the Architecture department at the University of Cyprus in 2021 earning the Bachelor of Science and her Masters in Architecture. Following a successful intern year with Athos Dikaios and Associates Architects, Katerina earned a position at the office. She has been involved with various projects at the office, tackling numerous aspect of each project and showing great skill and understanding and resolving architectural challenges. 

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